Jimmys’ Bravo Pizza is a family owned and operated business.


Jimmy began working for Bravo Pizza in 2015 as a delivery driver and line cook. Jimmy followed in his father, Jimmy Sr.’s footsteps by having his first job be at a pizzeria. Over the course of the next several years, Jimmy worked his way up until he became a manager at Bravo Pizza in Lompoc, just as his father did at his respective pizzeria. Jimmy then went on to help open the Bravo Pizza in Santa Maria location as a manager back in 2019.

On April 1st, 2021, Jimmy purchased Bravo Pizza in Santa Maria. The decision was aided by his family, who collectively decided to make this business a family endeavour. Jimmy and his father, Jimmy, are the Jimmys in the name (hence the apostrophe after the s in Jimmys’). Furthermore, Jimmy purchased Bravo Pizza via bitcoin, making Jimmys’ Bravo Pizza the first brick and mortar store purchased via cryptocurrency, or at least believed to be so.

Jimmy saw operating his own pizzeria as an opportunity to not only create a way to share great pizza, but to also create a platform to aid his community. Above all else, having a platform to promote the goodwill of our fellow community members is what drives us at Jimmys’ Bravo Pizza.

Our Mission Tab


Our Mission: To bring the community together through the love of pizza.

We at Jimmys’ Bravo Pizza believe that pizza has the power to bring us closer together. By offering high quality, affordable pizza with unparalleled customer service, we hope to simplify your purchasing experience so that you have more time to spend with loved ones (and enjoy our pizza of course!). We see it as a privilege to serve the Santa Maria area and see the value in creating relationships within the community. 


Integrity, Excellence, Charitable


Integrity - Staying honest and transparent with our customers is at the forefront of who we are. Creating trust is of the utmost importance to us.

Excellence - The highest quality pizza with the best possible customer service. Ensuring a delightful experience for our customers comes first. 

Charitable - We want to use our platform to give back to the community. We see the value in building relationships within the community.


  Our main goal is to delight our community. 


Customer service is our number one priority. Whether it be providing the best tasting pizza or offering the fastest and friendliest service, we are committed to ensuring all of our customers are delighted.

However, we do not stop at our paying customers. We went to delight all who interact with us by offering ways to give back to the community through various fundraising opportunities. This way, we can have a positive impact on all who interact with us, whether they be a customer or not.